A Committed Mom & Wife

Michelle has always been very committed to her family and very committed to becoming the woman that God has called her to be. I have witnessed her love and devotion for almost 22 years now and know her commitment to be this kind of woman. I saw her willingness to sacrifice as she followed me to East Chicago to plant a church. Not only did she move there with me, but was my partner in ministry. She saw herself as a helpmate to me. Many women would have never made the sacrifices that Michelle has made for me in ministry. When I felt God call me to pastor a small church in Bloomfield, Indiana, she willingly resigned her job and followed me there. God has rewarded her faithfulness. Each time she quit her job for ministry, God gave her a better paying job in better circumstances each time.

She has carried over the same commitment to Faith, which has resulted in a special bond. Michelle, the committed mother she is, was the traditional stay-at-home mom the second half of the day as soon as she arrived home from work. Her job, as she saw it, was to care for Faith. In order to allow her the opportunity to do this, I fixed supper while Michelle was busy reviewing what Faith had learned earlier that day. She would bring her book bag home with papers from both Parkside Elementary where Faith would spend part of her day, and Columbus Christian where she would spend the other part of the day. Usually it would be a tracing activity or something similar, and Michelle would faithfully make a similar letter and have Faith relearn the letter. Repetition is so important with Faith’s disability, something of which Michelle was well aware as a lifelong teacher.


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