A Star is Born

From day one we realized that Faith had a way about her which connected with people. The first time I really saw this in action was when I was invited to speak at a local high school on the topic of children with Down syndrome. I asked if it would be okay if I brought Faith. The teacher leading the class responded with an enthusiastic, “Yes!” I brought Faith to the class with me and her sanguine personality really began to shine. When she walked in the door, she didn’t seem frightened at all, which was odd because she was in a place with a lot of strangers. After I helped remove her coat, she didn’t need daddy anymore, and proceeded to go around the room giving fist bumps to anyone who would reciprocate her request. As I watched what was taking place, I saw the students eyes light up, and it was evident that they had fallen in love with her, too.

Faith’s captivating smile was on display as she engaged the students around the room reminiscent of a politician campaigning for political office. The only difference between Faith and a politician, of course, is that Faith’s ability to connect is genuine. She genuinely loves people, and people love to be around her. Parents with disabilities are always concerned with how people will treat their child when he or she is outside of their care. Through God’s providential care, He had equipped Faith to take care of herself.

What was revealed to me was that Faith’s confident stage presence was on display. Part of my presentation was to show the classes the sign language skills she had learned. So I brought her in front of the class and she took it from there. Normally a child at her age would have balked at such a proposition, but not Faith. She confidently taught the class the sign for eating, dad, mom, grandpa and grandma. At the end of the presentation, the kids gave her a round of applause and were thoroughly impressed. Faith had successfully taught her first class. I am not sure who was the proudest, dad, mom, or Faith herself.


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