About Us

About Tim

Dr. Tim Orr is an Evangelical writer and speaker with a hands-on experience in the transforming power of the Gospel. His teaching style can be both inspirational and educational, merging his personal story of loss and restoration, and his ongoing research about Christianity and Islam.

He is also an award winning adjunct faculty member in Religious Studies at Indiana University Purdue Columbus where he has served for 10 years. Dr. Orr has appeared on Fox News contributor Stu Taylor's nationally syndicated program, Stu Taylor on Business as well as sharing his story on the nationally syndicated program, The 700 Club.  


About Monica

Before marrying Tim, Monica had been a Christian and a homeschooling single mother for 14 years. Her international education includes Engineering, Geography, Languages, and high level training on Money and Business Coaching. Her most treasured knowledge is the understanding of the Gospel and she's constantly thinking on ways to share it with the people around her. 

She has worked as an international coach and speaker, a blogger, and her advice has been featured in BBC.com and the Chicago Tribune.  

Since marrying Tim she reduced her professional commitments in order to make room to work on their new family  and to seek opportunities to share the Gospel in her new community. 


About Our Family

Tim Orr overcame the childhood trauma of having multiple birth defects, a difficult home life, and addiction to alcohol. He lost her former wife of 23 years and became the single father of Faith, who they had adopted at birth. This story is documented in the books "We Named Her Faith" and "Letters To My Daughter".

2 years later, Tim married Monica and became the father of her teenage son Carlos.
God's story continues to be written in their lives as they face trials and triumphs together, always turning their hope into God's grace.

"God designed a perfect plan for all of us, that we would have never planned ourselves".