Children On The Radar

Michelle was so busy with her college life and beginning a career that thoughts of children were far from her mind. However, this all changed when her brother had a son while she was living in Marshall. Michelle loved being an aunt to her new little nephew, which began to stir the desire for motherhood. Michelle realized that one day she might have children too.

She began to wonder if she did have children, what would the child look like? Would he or she have that classic Beers’ nose that was handed down from generation to generation? Would she be a good mom? Her vision was different then than what the situation turned out to be, but God often does that. He will not always use conventional ways to accomplish His purposes. After all, He used a fourteen-year-old girl to be the mother of our Savior, a 100-year-old man to be the father of the faith, and a renegade Pharisee to write two-thirds of the New Testament. This way God gets the glory and not man.

Looking back over these experiences Michelle realized that God was preparing her to be, first and foremost, His daughter after realizing the importance of developing a strong devotional life. Years later, at the age of 42, Michelle was able to be a mother for the first time when we adopted Faith.


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