Developing Emotional Closeness

Have you ever just needed a hug? I know I do. I am convinced that the need for a hug is universal. If you are a parent, you know that a first thing a child wants when he or she gets hurt is a hug from mom or dad.

My daughter Faith is a person who loves giving hugs. The moment she arises in the morning, before she does anything else, she looks for me, so she can give me a hug. Hugs are the primary way she shows love, which is something I really love about her.

Just this morning, as I was walking by her room on my way to my office, I observed her waking up. As I stood silently, I watched her opened her eyes, then close them again, followed by a great big smile as she reopened her eyes. The joy that she has in her heart was already spilling out of her like a cup of water overflowing all over the floor. For Faith, a hug creates the emotional closeness she needs.

I have learned to achieve the emotional closeness with her in other ways. Whenever we get out of the car and walk into the building, we hold hands. Other times it’s just placing a hand on the shoulder, ever so slightly, just to remind her that Daddy loves her.

Another thing we like to do is read together. She like to snuggle against my arm when she reads her book to me. This way she is not only developing her brain but building an emotional bond with her father that she needs.

When it’s time for bed, after she finishes her nightly routine and teeth brushing, she rushes into bed and I tuck her in followed by, you guessed it, another big hug. So, we begin our day and end our day with a hug. Not a bad way to end a day.


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