Entering The Workforce

After college, Michelle took a job teaching English as a Second Language in Houston, Texas, far away from her home state of Michigan. Unfortunately, she was lonely there because it just didn’t feel like home. She stayed there for one school year, but because of the distance decided to move as close as she could to her family, having become very homesick.

After searching for a job closer to home, Michelle finally found one in Marshall, IL, eight hours from family and just 27 short miles from her future husband. When Michelle arrived there, she decided to go to the same church denomination she had found in Texas, having liked the freedom of worship and good bible teaching. She called the pastor of the church, Randy Ballard in Terre Haute, IN and asked about the church and its services. She has never forgotten the conversation they had. He seemed surprised to get such a call, but pleased. This is also the church were Michelle and I met.


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