Evidence of an Overcomer

Early on it was evident to Michelle and me that Faith was this type of overcomer. When we left the hospital to take Faith home for the first time, we were told to expect Faith to need the G-Tube for several months to over a year after she left the hospital. Every day, 4 or 5 times a day, we fed Faith through the G-Tube. However, we would always begin with the bottle first so she could train herself to take it. It was amazing how fast she was advancing regarding how much of the bottle she could drink. The first week the most she could handle was about a fourth of the bottle. Then the week after, she ingested almost a half a bottle. We were so excited. But our excitement was nothing compared to the excitement we felt the following week.

We were finally making the trip to Michigan to visit Michelle’s family and celebrate Faith’s three-month birthday with her final baby shower. When we arrived, Michelle could not wait to introduce Faith to all her family members. About three dozen members showed up, and about half of them I was meeting for the first time. This was Michelle’s first baby, and everyone was so excited for her.

After we ate dinner, I began to feed faith her bottle. She drank one fourth, then a half, then three fourths of the bottle. Michelle then noticed how much of the bottle Faith had drunk. She alerted her other family members that this was the first time that Faith had taken so much of the bottle. However, she still wasn’t finished. A few minutes later Faith finished the entire bottle. Her accomplishment was met with applause by all. To this day, that bottle is cleaned up and decorated kept with Faith’s baby things. Michelle will occasionally take out her bottle and other baby things and explain the story to Faith so she knows her story as well.

This day was the last time she would ever need the G-Tube. While the nurses anticipated that Faith would need this feeding device for many months, possibly even a year or two, she defied the odds. She could take her bottle after one short month home from the hospital. Per doctor’s recommendation, we kept the Mic-key button, the port that allows feeding, in until the flu season was over, just in case we would need to get fluids in easily, but Faith never took the G-tube for feeding again.


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