Faith Arrives

On July 17, 2009, just a few days later after the fateful doctor’s visit, we received the call that Faith was born. The birth father told my wife that the hospital would transfer Faith after they got her and the birth mother stabilized. We were overjoyed.

Despite our excitement, we still weren’t sure what lie ahead regarding Faith’s health. We knew, however, that God was in control. On the way to the hospital, which was about 90 minutes away, Michelle and I discussed the many possible health scenarios. However, despite the possibilities, she was our daughter now and we could hardly contain our excitement on that trip to meet her.

Finally, she arrived at the hospital by ambulance after traveling from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis. We were overjoyed that she had arrived into the world, but were very concerned about her medical condition. Did she have the Dandy Walker syndrome? Would she ever walk or talk? Would we have to bathe her and feed her for the rest of her life because she would not be able to do it for herself? These were the questions racing through our minds along with the excitement of meeting her.

Once Faith arrived, they brought her to the Neonatal Care Unit (NIC) Unit where the other newborns, mostly preemies, were. The room included several baby beds, sectioned off by small walls that divided up small areas for families to visit their babies.

Then we saw her. It seemed like the world just melted away and if you look at our very first family picture you will see that we instantly fell in love with our precious daughter. One thing we both noticed was that Faith’s arms and legs were quite active, a good sign, we thought.


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