We Named Her Faith

Tim and Michelle Orr were married for 16 years before adopting their daughter, Faith, who happens to have Down syndrome. Tim's new book, We Named Her Faith: How we became a gospel-centered family, contains the story of their life together before she came to live with them. Tim weaves stories of how he overcame the childhood trauma of having multiple birth defects, a difficult home life, and alcoholism with teaching about living a gospel-centered life. Michelle's life met with difficulties early on as she was born to teenage parents. Through these experiences, Tim shares their firm belief that God orchestrated His redemptive plan in their lives to prepare them to be Faith's parents.

Not only does Tim write about the experiences leading up to Faith's adoption, he recounts the many amazing details surrounding Faith's birth and adoption and how God shaped and molded her life. As Faith grows, it is obvious that she has an overcoming attitude; she learns and grows in spite of her disability.

The reader will leave this book inspired to live a gospel-centered life knowing God has everything in his hands no matter the struggle or adversity.

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