Islam Rising

Movements of Muslims coming to Christ have taken place all over the Muslim world. Countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, and large geographical areas like East Africa, North Africa, West Africa and the Middle East have all witnessed large scale conversions of Muslims to Christianity. Now that there has been a significant population increase of Muslims in the U.S., is America the next place where God moves in a similar fashion? If so, how?

In ISLAM Rising: How the Christian College Can Equip the Next Generation, Tim Orr lays out a plan to show how Christian colleges can play a pivotal role in equipping the next generation to make a difference in the lives of their Muslim friends and neighbors. Tim Orr is an award winning adjunct faculty member in religious studies at Indiana University Purdue Columbus where he has served for over 10 years. Dr. Orr's first book, We Named Her Faith: How We Became a Gospel-centered Family, was an #1 bestseller in its genre. He has appeared on Fox News contributor Stu Taylor's nationally syndicated program, Stu Taylor on Business as well as the nationally syndicated program, The 700 Club.

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