Letters To My Daughter

The only thing predictable about life is its constant unpredictability. One moment you could be living the American Dream; the next, you could be immersed in grief. Regardless of where life takes you, it’s important to maintain faith in God.

Tim Orr’s life came crashing down when his wife passed away, leaving him to raise his young daughter by himself. However, an immovable faith in God guided him through the heartbreak, and he and his daughter found a new way forward.

In "Letters to My Daughter", Orr tells the story of how he escaped a life of sin and depression and found one of faith and happiness. He and his wife had many wonderful years together and completed their family with Faith, a young daughter with Down syndrome. When Faith’s mother passed away, Orr wrote poignant yet comforting letters to prepare Faith for life without her mother.

Though difficult to accept, tragedy is a part of life. "Letters to My Daughter" proves that the love of family and God can help us rise from the deepest pits of despair to the great heights of hope.

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