Like Mother Like Daughter

The second thing Michelle does to build for a lifelong relationship with Faith is allow her daughter to be like her. When Faith sees her mom put up her hair in a band, she wants to do the same. Michelle has learned to have an extra set of bands for Faith so she can join in the fun of being like mommy.

Recently Faith has noticed that Michelle is putting on make-up. Faith learned that word right away. While Michelle is going through the routine of putting on makeup, Faith is sitting right beside her mom learning, as dad likes to call it, the art of face painting. Michelle pretends to put make-up on Faith just like mommy. Faith’s face lights up as she engages in this mommy-daughter activity.

Faith is also learning other things. She is learning that her mom loves her enough and is she is important enough for mom to spend time with her. Furthermore, she is learning that there are differences between men and women, which are values that are in stark conflict with the culture she will grow up in. After all, daddy doesn’t put on makeup, not that it wouldn’t help. It certainly couldn’t hurt. But men usually don’t wear makeup.


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