Mother / Daughter Routines

The first thing Michelle did to establish her relationship with Faith, was to develop mother/daughter routines. It wasn’t just chores one does, then checks them off the list when one is finished. The purpose of the routine, as Michelle saw it, was not just functional, but also relational. Michelle made activities like bathing, teeth brushing, dressing, and grooming and make them fun so both of them could enjoy doing the routines together. For example, when Faith takes a bath, there is the routine where she goes and gets her own towel and washcloth, goes to the bathroom, and prepares to get into the tub, with Michelle’s assistance. Before any bathing is done, Michelle allots about fifteen minutes or so to give Faith an opportunity to play in the water. As Faith plays, Michelle sits next to the bathtub and interacts with her nearly the entire time. When they are finished, Michelle dries Faith and lets her put on her towel. At the end of the towel, there is a place where one of the corners is sewed together which allows Faith to put it on her head, with the remaining part of the towel flowing out like a cape. Faith, then, runs back to her room like a super hero. This is one of the highlights of her day. As a result, taking a bath for Faith is also a fun time she gets to relate with mommy.


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