Mother Inner City

When we ministered in East Chicago, Michelle assumed the role of mother on several occasions, as the need to have a nurturing mother figure in the children’s lives became increasingly evident. Michelle developed special curriculum for the children, had special Saturday events, and developed relationships with the children by visiting their homes and inviting them into ours whenever possible. There were children, who were born to crack mothers, needing patience and love during teaching. There were children from homes that had many issues and needs. We tried our best to impact the children with the love of Jesus, whenever we could.

My role in the children’s ministry was to build relationships with the kids on the streets. I served as a substitute teacher, which allowed me to get to know many of them. When it was time for church, I would go out to the streets and compel them to come in.

The ministry we began in East Chicago area lasted for the next ten years. We spent five years in East Chicago, where I served as a pastor. I would spend another five years serving as a part-time associate pastor at two other congregations in East Chicago and Hammond. We developed a strong love for the community and believed in reaching out to families in any way we could. We learned so much about ministry during those ten years, grew in our marriage and saw many great things take place.


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