She’s alive!

our child getting baptized

I met my daughter when she was 8 years old. God planned so that she would arrive in my life at this specific time. I didn’t see her as a newborn, but the following text tells the story of her spiritual birth, which I had the joy of being a witness of. I celebrate every day that Faith is alive, and will forever be.

This is the testimony I presented in front of our church on Sunday, November 10th:

Today I come as a witness of my daughter’s faith in Christ.

Over a year ago, I became Faith’s mom when Tim and I married and merged our families. As soon as we started living together, Faith and I also started to bond very quickly. At the same time, there were adaptation periods with episodes of anger, rebelliousness, and disobedience, that left both of us frustrated.

Parenting tools can only do so much, especially when there are deep wounds in our children’s hearts. So, as a family, we turned to our only true hope: the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Faith had probably heard the Gospel dozens of times before I met her, but I kept sharing the same Gospel: That God is perfect, that humans are sinners and that the only way to have a relationship with God is to be completely forgiven by accepting the FREE sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the Cross.

The most difficult part was to confront her with her sin. How could I tell such a cute and sweet girl that she was a sinner? How could I point out her sin after all she had to go through in her life?

Faith wanted to be “a good girl”, but she just couldn’t. That brought out frustration, shame, and discouragement to her.

However, she insisted she didn’t need help nor forgiveness from God and kept trying to be a “good girl” with a good behavior she wasn’t able to sustain. Then came the shame, guilt, fear, and tears. We were all frustrated but Tim and I kept on praying: desperately praying.

God had chosen me to havest what others had sowed in Faith. One day that Tim was out of town, Faith got to know how HOLY God is, and how “yucky” our SIN is before his eyes.

Faith told me she wanted to be cleaned from her sins and I offered her to help her pray. She told me she would rather pray by herself. I saw her crying out to God to forgive her and clean her from her sins, and to make her “a new Faith”. She asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior.

She was overwhelmed with joy. She truly felt forgiven and since that day we saw significant changes in her behavior. The struggles are similar but Faith has learned to deal with them according to the Gospel: she is now able to acknowledge her sin, to repent, and to come to Jesus for forgiveness and freedom.

She has a heart for those who have not yet received the Free Gift of Salvation and she thinks “somebody has to go and tell them the Good News”.

One of the things I often hear Faith say when she prays is “I know that Jesus died on the cross to pay for my sins”.


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  1. Monica, you are a true blessing in Faiths life. After my daughter Michelle passed in 2016 my heart ached for Faith and her loss. I began to see that Tim made Faith his central focus and I felt she was going to be ok. The Lord showed me that if she could get through such a time then so could I! Tim was such a good Daddy! When Tim met you I was very relieved and happy! You are a remarkable women to step into the role that God gave you.
    The baptism was beautiful and I am glad you shared your message here. Thank you for all that you do !

    1. Post

      Sandra, thank you for your comment! It’s really humbling to realize God chose me to be a mom to Faith. I know there has been a lot of people -including you!- pouring into her and praying for her, and I got to be the one to be there for the harvest. I have learned a lot from her and her relationship with God.

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