Overcomer Pt.2

On another occasion, we saw Faith’s knack for overcoming obstacles when I took her to the doctor and saw strong qualities in her. She was almost two years-old at the time, and I took her there to get a check-up. While we were waiting for the nurse to call us in, Faith walked over to the toys where another little girl was playing. The other girl was probably six months younger than Faith but her physical ability appeared to be more advanced. She sat on the chair with ease as she climbed on it to read a book. The entire time I noticed Faith observing the little girl’s every move. Finally, the little girl was called in by the nurse and her mother gently guided her back to the examination room to see the doctor.
As soon as the little girl left the room, I watched Faith attempt to climb up on the same chair. She tried and tried but to no avail. She simply could not do it. What I didn’t know at the time was that Faith was determined to overcome this obstacle no matter what.

Her refusal to give up was evident when we arrived back home and she attempted to climb upon a similar sized chair that our friends had bought for her several months earlier. She tried three or four times to climb on the chair, but again, to no avail. One more time she slipped and fell off the side of the chair leaving her with a slightly bloody lip. I quickly attended to her by cleaning her wound and got her ready for supper.

When we sat around the table I shared with Michelle what had taken place in the doctor’s office. Her concern was evident and she expressed some sadness for Faith and her experience. After we finished eating, Faith made her way back to the living room. Michelle was a little hesitant to allow her to try to climb on the chair again. However, I persuaded Michelle to let her try one more time. I wanted Faith to discover her own limits and not set those limits for her.

Faith gingerly walked up to the chair, struggled for a few minutes but finally her quest to conquer the chair arrived!


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