She Loved Jesus

Michelle used to tell people how powerful my testimony was, having come out of the lifestyle that I did. But I really think Michelle had a more powerful testimony. I was exposed to church at a very young age, but never followed through with a commitment to Christ. God had to bring me through many trying circumstances to get me to the place where I surrendered to him. For Michelle, this wasn’t the case.

At a young age Michelle was drawn to Jesus. Thanks to the love and prayers of her grandmother, she was introduced to Him and His church at a young age. Her earliest memory of church is when she was around five years old, walking down the rickety stairs of the Old Fork Church in Barryton, Michigan to the basement for Sunday school class. As Michelle walked into the room, shy and with a nervous look on her face, she instantly noticed the other children all sitting on roughhewn benches, listening intently to the teacher.

Even though the basement smelled like an old basement, she didn’t mind because she was so mesmerized by what she saw. The children were led to stand and sing “Jesus Loves Me”. When she heard the children singing, she suddenly felt God’s presence fill the room, and fell in love with whatever this amazing experience was. She didn’t really understand it, but enjoyed the fellowship with the other children and the music impacted her deeply, even the lyrics stayed with her long after she left that day, even at that young age. This experience impacted the rest of her life as it instilled in her a love for worship and a love for children’s ministry.


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