How was the Qur’an Composed? Part 2 – Assessing Andy Bannister’s Oral Formulaic Approach

The late Nabeel Qureshi gave several lectures at Biola University some years ago, at least one of which focused on the Qur’an. In the lecture, about 1 hour and ten minutes in, he talked about the oral-formulaic view of the Qur’an’s composition. He felt it is the best apologetic against the Qur’an that no one was using. This fact intrigued …

Do We Worship The Same God?

Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? Today you might be looking for the short answer, but this is the kind of question that requires a more detailed explanation. In these 2 videos, I walk you through the important points to consider in order to better understand both the question and the answer. Part 1 Part 2