Cross Cultural Outreach

Michelle loved the Spanish language and she loved interacting with different cultures. She considered different schools to attend. What made Central Michigan so appealing, however, over the other choices was that the school offered a degree in Bilingual Education that seemed to fit everything Michelle wanted to do. The desire to reach out cross-culturally was being kindled in her heart. Once the decision was made to attend CMU, she found a place to stay in Mt. Pleasant and started classes pursuing her love for Spanish and education.

Michelle continued her pursuit of learning and mastering the Spanish language, took two more trips to Mexico and learned much about the needs of second language learners in her courses. While attending CMU, she discovered she had the gift for teaching.

Her love for teaching carried over into her church life as she volunteered to teach middle school Sunday school class at church. Being scared at first, Michelle realized that she really enjoyed thinking of creative ways to teach the kids and help them understand the gospel at their impressionable age. One of her greatest gifts as a teacher was creativity.


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