The Adoption Process Pt.2

A few days later, Michelle and I emailed Robin our letter, and we patiently wait for her response. Many of our Christian friends were notified as well, as we asked them to join us in prayer. After a week or two had passed, we assumed that the birth parents weren’t interested. But shortly thereafter we discovered that wasn’t the case. They were interested!
We then took the next step of the adoption process, which was a conference call. We set up a time to talk and anxiously waited for the time to come. We finally got the call and huddled around our cell phone with the speaker on so we could both hear everything. We were so excited and nervous! As we talked we made some small talk, but then started to talk about some of the heavier subjects.

The couple told us some of the issues the baby might be facing. There could be heart issues and a blocked intestine that had to be taken care of right after birth. They also shared why they were putting up their child for adoption. That is a big question that many since have asked us. Why or how could they do this? The birth father shared that he had a phobia of medical issues and could not handle this particular diagnosis. Michelle and I will never forget the birth father saying, “We didn’t understand why God would do this, but we knew that someone must have been praying for a child and God knew we would never abort our child”.

After this hurdle we received another phone call telling us that they wanted to meet us in person. The arrangements were made, and they visited roughly a week later. The waiting time was difficult, yet there arose in me an increasing assurance they everything was in God’s hand, and that he had a plan. Michelle and I spent each night praying that God would open this door.

Finally, when the birth family visited us on a Saturday, I could hardly believe it. It was like we had known one another all of our lives. We found out that day that we had so much in common. The birth father and I were both politically conservative and fervent I.U. basketball and Bobby Knight fans along with many more commonalities. As we continued our conversation that day I could sense that this was really going to happen. God was going to give us a daughter.

When we finished up our meeting a few hours later, Michelle and I escorted the birth family to the door to bid them farewell. As we waved goodbye I could see from Michelle’s facial expression that everything had gone well as far as she was concerned. Our ensuing conversation confirmed my speculation. We were hopeful we would hear news right away that they had chosen us to be the birth family.

Yet, a few days turned into a week or two, and we hadn’t heard anything. On that first Sunday, I remember going to the altar at Randy and Annette’s church and having them pray for us. When I did, I couldn’t stop sobbing. It was almost uncontrollable as the burden to pray had overwhelmed me. As a result of responding to this burden, the Holy Spirit gave an incredible assurance that we would have a daughter soon. Michelle, kneeling right next to me, felt the same way.


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