The Adoption Process Pt.3

A few days later, roughly around 9 or 10 o’clock, we received a call from the birth family asking us if we would be willing to raise their daughter as our own. We had to restrain ourselves from bellowing out our excitement while on the phone, but when we hung up we jumped for joy, and clutched one another tightly. What I had been promised in the college chapel years ago about how God would return everything the locusts had eaten would have another fulfillment to the ongoing work that he was doing. I would be a father and Michelle would be a mother. That night we called our parents and they rejoiced with us.

Now Michelle’s nesting instincts kicked in full force. We painted the living room, dining room and baby room all within a week or two. We knew we were having a girl so pink and yellow abounded everywhere in her new little room. She was due in a matter of weeks so baby showers shortly followed, having five in all. Some had to wait until after she was born, but all were so appreciated. We often joke that people must have taken pity on us starting so late on our parenthood journey. We were overwhelmed with the generosity of our family, friends, and church family.

After getting the call from the birth family, I began to reflect on the promise just mentioned above that I received 17 years earlier while sitting in a university chapel service. I felt the Lord impressed upon me that day that He would restore everything the locusts of sin had eaten, which referred to a passage in the book of Joel. First, God supplied me a wife that I loved very much. We had built a great marriage and I was very grateful for her. Now God had worked miraculously to give me a daughter. Tears flowed freely down my face that evening as the magnitude of what had just happened began to grip my heart. God had been faithful to his promise.

The day we called about adopting a child with Down syndrome was May, 26, 2009. The day we took her in as our daughter was July 17, 2009. Amazingly, from the time of our phone call with the birth parents until the time we adopted Faith was an amazing seven weeks. Not only that, Michelle’s assurance that we would have a child by Christmas came to pass. On December 10, 2009, we became a forever family in the eyes of the court. God was working indeed.


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