The Power Of The Gospel

This is an excerpt of the article originally published in The Republic, in March 2019, under the title: “A Simple Story Highlights The Power Of The Gospel”, by Tim Orr

…The other day, I was away teaching a class in Louisville, Kentucky, when I received a text from my wife, Monica. She said that something amazing just happened.

As soon as I was able to break away, I called her to hear the good news. She began the conversation by letting me know that earlier that evening Faith got stained so badly, that Monica had to give her a shower. Faith didn’t want to take time for that, because they were about to play together.

But Monica told her that even if she wanted to be with her, she couldn’t; the first step had to be cleaning herself up.

As Faith was trying to understand why, Monica explained that it is similar to what happens with our relationship with God. Even if he wants to be near us as our friend, the stain of our sin is so unbearable to his perfect nature that we have to be willing to be cleaned first. The good news is that God is willing to clean us up when we repent before him with the only thing that is powerful enough to take away all our sins: the blood of Jesus.

This 30-second statement would change Faith’s life for eternity.

…Read the full article in The Republic


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